Thursday, March 6, 2008

And the Next Stop on the Bollywood Trend Train Is.....Bollyrobics.

I know this is more of a fitness post rather than a beauty post, but this workout looks like so much fun, I couldn't resist sharing!

Like the author says on YouTube:

"In movies, music and fashion, Bollywood is a trend.
Bollyrobics™ will be loved not only by fitness fans but everyone who has been touched by the irresistable cinema of India....Elements from Bollywood's most popular films are choreographed into a new kind of workout, combining coordination, strength and stamina with Asian sensuality. Energetic and seductive!"

When I was younger, my friends and I would get together and copy the moves from Indian songs and spend hours practicing for weddings or parties. I wish we had something like this DVD, because they explain all the steps to you slowly so you can learn them and get grooving in half the time it takes to pause, rewind, and watch again how a move was done from a full-fledged movie clip. You learn the moves to three popular songs in this DVD, Mahi Ve, Chaiyya Chaiyya, and Monama (from Bombay Dreams). Plus, it's edited in a traditional workout format, with a warm-up and cool down, which helps you monitor your heart rate and calorie-burn a little better. Available in up to 7 languages, including French, Hindi, Japanese, and Italian, Bollyrobics is available at for $12.99. You can also rent it at in a few weeks when they get it in stock.


  1. Hi,

    Love your blog , was hoping you could help with a few products.

    1) eyeliner pencil/kohl: I use it on a regular basis day/night . I line both upper and lower lashlines. looking for something which stays long, is smudge proof.
    I love the indian kohl rimmed look

    2) have you tried tinted mositurizer , I have good skin and require not much coverage . I use mac studio fix during day and for touch ups and liquid foundation at night
    I find that foundations tire my skin out after sometime ( your vasanti post was very informative in this regard).
    I was thinking of maybe getting a tinted mositurizer for day and vasanti for night, should I get a liquid foundation and powder/base both .any suggestions?

    I dont mind spending on high end brands if they are worth it as these are the basic products I use frequently.
    I have medium to fair skin ( by indian standards :-)
    will appreciate any suggestions

  2. Hi vijaya,

    In my experience smudge proof and kohl don't really mesh. Kohl has to blendable to get that smokey look, what you could try instead is use Smashbox Smashing Caviar creme liner. This stuff is great, you apply it with a brush, along upper and lower lashes, and it is blendable for about a minute before it sets, and then it won't come up until you wash it off with soap and water at night. Smashbox is available at Sephora, and some department stores, the name again is Creme Liner, and the color I recommend for desi skin is the Caviar.

    2.) Regarding the tinted moisturizer, the best brand I've used so far is by Bobbi Brown. My skin's similar to the Malaika Arora pic below, (I'm a MAC NC 40) and I use the Medium to Dark shade. Don't even look at Laura Mercier, everything is still pink based and she doesn't really cater to olive skin. So in effect, just go to Bobbi Brown, they'll hook you up with a shade that matches you.

    Also, in regards to foundation in general, you don't have to wear it all day if your skin is already in good condition. Focus more on good skin care, I use Cetaphil cleansing bar soap and Cetaphil moisturizer and it keeps my skin normal. I get breakouts occasionally, which I'll dab with a cotton ball dipped in Neutrogena Clear Pore but other than that I try to keep my skin free of to much. On a daily basis, if your skin is great shape, you can get away with just concealor under eyes (if you need it, otherwise skip it,) blush, lipstick and a little kohl/mascara for a polished day look. Try skipping foundation for the day entirely and save it only for special occasions, and see what a difference it makes in your skin. I only use Foundation or tinted moisturizer if my skin is looking uneven (I have a little rosacea that flares up on my cheeks from time to time) or if you're going to get professionally photographed. Otherwise, you can go without foundation.

  3. vijaya, you can also line your eyes with a powder eyeshadow after you line with a pencil, that also helps make kohl "stick" and not smudge. MAC Carbon is a nice basic black shadow, I use MAC 219 brush to trace eyeshadow over eyeliner (we love MAC Smolder eyepencil).

  4. Thanks so much chic mommy for so patiently answering my queries. As you can probably guess , I am somewhat of a makeup novice trying to get some basic stuff in place before thinking further.
    yeah , I will go easy on the foundation , in fact I too need it as coverage for redness on my cheeks sometimes, never had breakouts.
    There are tons of products , reviews/blogs out there but so few catering to desi skintones that it gets a little blogs like yours are doing great work.
    if not for your tip off abt Laura mercier I would have been taken in by all the rave reviews abt it. I will certainly checkout all the products you have mentioned, I did find out that kohl and smudge free dont go together. I was planning on getting the Mac fluidline gel , will definitely try the smashbox one .

    sorry for taking up so much of the comment space , but wanted to let you know that I appreciate your advice.

  5. v, no problem, and you're not taking up comment space at all, we love comments! I noticed you mentioned the MAC Fluid line. I love this stuff, but just keep in mind you can't use this to line that inner rim of your eyelid to get the Indian kohl look. I have a friend who uses MAC Fluidline in Black track in combination with MAC Smolder eyepencil to get awesome results.

    She lines inner rims with the Smolder pencil, blinks her eyes to let it spread a little, and then lines the top and bottom with MAC Fluidline. I use the angled eyeliner brush by MAC to use Fluidline (I bought mine years ago, it's called MAC #266, but any angle eyeliner brush will do.) It takes practice to get the hang of it, but once you got it, it works well and stays put. I tried Chanel waterproof eyeliner in black once before too, but I found the application of the twist-out crayon a little messy and the color too strong against my skintone.


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