Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Violet Eyes: Experimenting with Bare Escentuals Smoky V Eye

Having finally figured out the macro setting on my camera, I can finally take photos of some of my favorite looks...

Below is Saturday night's experimentation with the Bare Escentuals Smoky V Eye shadows (that I blogged about back in July), Pacific Heights (a shimmery lavender-gray) and 1990s Glimmer (a shimmery dark purple-gray). Here's the breakdown of my "violet eyes":

1. Dip a makeup brush in 1990s Glimmer and then mix the shadow with MAC Mixing Medium (or water). Apply the wet shadow to the lids from the lashline up until the crease. Blend the wet shadow to the inner corners and outer corners of the eyes. Drag the wet shadow from the top lid to line the bottom lashline. The wet shadow will look very dark purple on the lids.

2. Dip a dry makeup brush into Pacific Heights and blend the shadow over the 1990s Glimmer, again only up until the crease. Continue blending the lighter lavender shadow over the dark purple shadow until you have the shade of purple you like. I blended Pacific Heights over 1990s Glimmer twice before I got this shade.

3. Take a q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover to clean up the edges of the eyes as there will likely be some fall out from the loose eye shadows. Blend the edges of the shadow again to make sure there are no harsh edges.

4. Line eyes with black eyeliner on the top lashline and in the inner rims - I used MAC Eye Liner in Smolder. Finish with black mascara - I used Cover Girl LashBlast.

You don't need the specific shadows I used to create this look...try it with any varied shades of purple shadow that you have on hand. Although its a bright color, I find purple to be a great shade for tan skintones and especially complimentary for dark brown eyes!


    you have such pretty lashes! Nice breakdown.

  2. Thanks, Ranjani! I actually have pretty sparse lashes without any mascara...I love super voluminizing mascaras like LashBlast for really fattening my lashes up!

  3. Off to buy lash blast!

    Your lashes look faaaaar from sparse btw!


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