Monday, January 7, 2008

Bobbi Brown Pink Rasperry Collection for Spring 2008

It is hard to believe that many spring makeup collections are already in stores when my fingers and toes are still thawing from the freezing cold weather!! As in every season, there were hits and misses.

Bobbi Brown's Pink Rasperry Collection is a collection of vibrant pink colors. The collection is quite a bit brighter than her usual collections which is a nice change.

The collection consists of:

1. Pink Raspberry Face Palette (Navajo (ivory) and Fog (charcoal gray) shadows, Pink Raspberry Blush (cool bubblegum pink), and two lip colors - Rasperry and Blue Raspberry Lipsheers)

2. Black Raspberry Lip Sheer.

3. Wild Raspberry and Pink Raspberry Lip Crayons.

4. Pot Rouge For Lips and Cheeks in Pink Rasperry and Raspberry.

5. Pink Raspberry Glitter Lip Gloss and Pink Popsicle Lip Gloss.

The makeup artist that assisted me was probably correct in noting that this collection seems to look good either on very fair ladies or very dusky ladies. This is great news for all the brown-skinned ladies that have managed to keep their color this winter. Almost every product in the collection has a light pink and then a darker pink, the latter pink being suitable for brown girls.

My favorite products are the Wild Raspberry Lip Crayon, the Black Raspberry Lip Sheer and the Pink Popsicle Lip Gloss. The Wild Raspberry Lip Crayon goes on creamy and is a long-lasting dark pink -- a great shade for work. The Black Raspberry Lip Sheer is very moisturizing and the color is an outstanding sheer reminds me so much of Clinique's Black Honey. Finally, Pink Popsicle is most likely going to my favorite lip gloss of is bright pink, extremely shiny and looks great against brown skin!!

As for the rest of the collection, the Pink Raspberry Glitter Lip Gloss, Pink Raspberry Lip Crayon and Pot Rouge in Pink Raspberry were way too light for my dark skin tone. The Raspberry Pot Rouge is a gorgeous color but I'm not used to such bright color on my cheeks - if you do love wearing bright colors on your cheekbones, check this rouge out. Finally, the palette didn't do much for me...the lip colors are beautiful and the shadows are practical but the blush is a very cool toned pink that looks odd against brown skin. All in all, though, the collection is beautiful and worth trying to liven up a dreary winter!


  1. *Le Gasp*! I've been looking for a lipgloss/lipstick just like what's in this collection, something like the model is wearing. woohoo

  2. I agree, the model's lips look great!! Its hard to tell which exact color she is wearing since I'm sure the picture is photoshopped/enhanced but if I had to guess I would think she is wearing one of the lip crayons or one of the lip colors from the palette.


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