Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lancome LUCI Collection for Spring 2008

While I was excited for the arrival of Lancome's LUCI Collection for Spring 2008, after trying the actual products, I was completely disappointed.

The LUCI collection, which stands for Luminous Colorless Color Intelligence, includes:


1. Traceur Design Illuminating Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Ray of Purple Light: It goes on as a white liquid liner that changes colors to light purple based on the light.

2. Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow in Personal Style (Baby Blue), Exhibition (Lavender) and Off the Rack (White with Lavender effects).

3. LUCI Eyes Light Color in Motion Eye Shadow Duo in Ray of Apricot Light: In a seashell shaped palette, there is a shimmery bronze shadow and shimmery white shadow that changes color based on the light.

4. Ombres Glacee Cooling Gel Illuminator Eye and Face in Sunrise (shimmery bronze), Morning Pearl (shimmery white) and Chameleon (shimmery beige).


5. Color Fever Shine Lipshine in Femme Fire (a bright rose pink).

6. Color Fever Gloss Photonic in Seashell (bright fuschia pink), Sunray (shimmery white), and Rainbow (shimmery pale pink).

7. Color Fever Shine Photonic Lipshine in Luminous (shimmery white) and Desert Pink (bright pink)


1. Photonic Illuminating Powder Brush Face in Ray of Apricot Light (a shimmery white)

The collection sounds pretty, right? My problem with it is that I tried every product and it just is not flattering on brown skin. Yeah, yeah, the ads feature both a white model and a black model so you assume this collection would be "one for all"...but it is really not unless you want to look totally washed out. The three powder eyeshadows, the two lighter shades of the Color Fever Gloss, the shimmery white shade of Photonic Lipshine (even when layered with other colors) and the Photonic Illuminating Powder do absolutely nothing to enhance tan skin. The Illuminating Eyeliner in Ray of Purple Light just makes me wonder...what self-respecting woman over 21 would honestly wear a white eyeliner that sparkles lavender in the light?

The Eyeshadow Duo and Cooling Gels are better options for the eyes but they aren't products that blew me away. The Cooling Gels reminded me a lot of the Shiseido Hydro-Power eyeshadows, the latter of which I like better. The Femme Fire Lipshine, Seashell Gloss and Desert Pink Lipshine are definitely on trend with the bright pink lips for spring but similarly, I prefer the pink lip products of Bobbi Brown's spring collection.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know that it doesn't work for brown skin. I was about to go try it out due to the presence of the black model in the ad. :)


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