Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Ped Egg Works!

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since my last update. I know my excuse that the kids are keeping me busy is sounding like passe yada yada yada, but it's true more than ever since school let out for the summer. Hopefully, in the fall, things will get more manageable around the house. My son is starting first grade then and will actually be out of the house for more than three hours! Yay! (Is my excitement showing a little too much?)

Anyway, on to my latest beauty find...the Ped Egg! I'm sure you must have seen the infomercial for this contraption that scrapes all the dead skin off the bottom of your feet. I'm sure you must have also thought, "Does it really work?"

Yes, my friends, it works. And it works well. I was skeptical about this product too because I've been burned quite a few times by infomercial products that claim miracles and end up to be nothing more than an expensive piece of plastic. But I found this product at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day for only $9.99, and armed with a Big Blue 20% coupon, I decided to give it a shot.

It took me about 20 minutes to file both feet, which were so dry my heels were cracking, and the results were incredible. It removes all the dry calloused skin very easily, but it's gentle enough that it won't remove the live skin hiding below. It kind of looks like a mini cheese grater (although I don't recommend you use the cheese grater already in your house to file your feet, stick with the Ped Egg specifically designed for this purpose.) After removing all the skin, I buffed it smooth with the emery board side, rinsed my feet and then applied moisturizing cream to them. The results were better than any treatment I had done at the salon. And since the entire Ped Egg can be hand washed in the sink with liquid soap, it's sanitary, and I can use it again and again until the file wears out, at which point I can either buy a new egg or order more files from PedEgg.com.

Now here's something you should know, it is MESSY! The product claims that all the dead, shaved skin is trapped inside the top cap of the product while you file so you can use it anywhere in the house or at your desk, but that's not true. I've used the product several times now, and the skin sheds all over the floor. But the results are worth the trouble, so what I do now is just spread a bunch of newspapers all over the carpet and and sit on top of the that to file my feet. You could also vacuum afterwards.

It's a minor nuisance that the skin shavings don't stay trapped inside the egg, but I can deal with it. Not only are the results fantastic, it is saving me a bundle in pedicures at the salon. I usually put such a long gap in between salon visits, that by the time I get there, I can't qualify for the regular $20 "maintenance" pedicure, I have to get the expensive $50 "Spa Pedicure" where they remove the dead skin off your feet with a razor. I don't think I'll ever have to get that one again now that I have a Ped Egg.


  1. Earlier I asked u if u think indian celebrities use makeup on their body to as their skin look so even. Can you tell me any body makeup that they use to get a even tone body, or something that will cover my stretch marks. Thank u.

  2. princess, I think you should try Dermablend Leg and Body cover to cover the stretch marks, it's available at Ulta or Ulta.com. It can also be used for full body makeup.

  3. how is this different from the regular filing things you use on wet feet? are the results a lot better? or am i missing something else?

  4. It depends on what kind of file you're talking about. The files that have stones or emery boards on them are incomparable to the Ped Egg, those simply smooth your feet out but don't remove the dried callous skin. The ones with the razor only remove the top layer of dead skin off, but the majority of it remains, plus it takes alot of time to soak and file. The Ped Egg is the only product I've seen that removes all of the dead skin, the entire layer, and reveals the normal skin underneath, makes your feet look like a baby's.


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