Friday, December 5, 2008

Vitamin E Oil as a Dry Skin Cure

Over Thanksgiving, the flight home and changing climates wreaked havoc on my skin. Literally as soon as I stepped off the plane, I suddenly developed two extremely dry patches of skin on either side of my chin! My regular moisturizer wasn't doing much to help the dry patches so I turned to a product that I have successfully used in the past for extremely chapped lips - Vitamin E Oil.

Vitamin E Oil is an extremely concentrated oil that can be applied directly onto skin to quickly moisturize and heal chapped skin. The oil is used in tons of moisturizers and lotions that are on the market today - just check out the ingredients lists on these products and you'll see it!

Vitamin E Oil is thick and has no offensive smell. I simply dabbed the oil on the dry patches of my skin and blended into the skin. After using the oil once, the patches looked and felt significantly better. After using the oil for about three days, the dry patches were practically gone!

For extremely dry body skin, one can mix a little bit of the oil with regular body lotion and rub on for an extra moisturizing treat!

Vitamin E Oil is quite easy to find and can be purchased at numerous places online or at health food stores.

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