Friday, October 19, 2007

My Failure at Razzle Dazzle Shiny Hair

The purpose of this blog is certainly, to point out products to readers that actually work. Yet I feel it is also my duty to point out products that are actually quite worthless so you don't make the mistake of spending your money as I did.

One of the new trends in hair products is to add a brilliant shine to hair in the form of a glossing treatment rather than simple shine serums. Since my hair is naturally curly and coarse, and could use a little razzle dazzle, I decided to try out a few of these products. Unfortunately, both failed to deliver their product promises.

The first product I tried was the Oscar Blandi Luce Sheer Gloss treatment. The product, which is "a rinse-out gloss...exclusively designed to lock in pigment added to restore shine," did pretty much nada to add shine to my hair, even after I used it a few times.

The next product I tried was Redken's All Soft Gold Glimmer perfecting shine treatment. I reasoned that I would have better luck with this one as, duh, it is a leave-in treatment -- hence, meant to leave in shine. As applied to my hair when curly, Gold Glimmer simply weighed it down and made it greasy without adding any extra shine. As applied to straight hair, the result was somewhat better but I still didn't love the heavy, greasy feeling. I definitely would not apply the product close to my roots for fear of having to wash my hair all over again.
It is possible that my hair simply sucks up light like a black hole, but my next course of action is going to be a professional glossing treatment instead of trying other glossing products. My appointment is next Saturday - wish me luck!

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