Friday, October 19, 2007

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

One of my all-time favorite brands on earth, from the famed The Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden, London, is finally in the U.S. I first tried The Sanctuary bath and body products while backpacking around Thailand and despite the griminess and exhaustion of traveling, the spa line had me relaxed and smelling amazing after every use. The Sanctuary spa line is currently sold at Target although it does not appear online on yet. My favorite products of the line are from the Mande Lular range, mande lular being a heavenly Balinese body treatment with specific ingredients. The products not only smell amazing but scrub and smooth your skin to silkiness. It also looks like The Sanctuary has come out some exciting new ranges since I last tried the brand, such as Lomi Lomi (a Hawaiian body treatment), Boreh Spice (another Balinese-inspired treatment) and Sento (a Japanese body treatment).

I am incredibly excited about The Sanctuary's arrival, which means of course, that I will be wasting more time in the morning and arriving even later than usual to work!!


  1. What a cool website! More people should know about this. I have a few requests, if I may do so:
    - Could you please write about what styling product one should use for wavy hair to make it curly or straight.

    - What are the best eye makeups for office use

  2. Change of blog address:

  3. mystic,

    I'll post something on the hair and eye makeup soon. Meanwhile, I rec NARS All About Eve eyeshadow duo for fool-proof daytime office eyeshadow. Pair with a dark brown eyeliner.

    IHeart MAC, will note the new add, and I'll be e-mailing you soon.

    I apologize for the slow startup here, but I hope to soon start posting more regularly. I'm still trying to figure out how to carve out regular time for my online writing/hobbies while taking care of things at home, it's quite a juggling act!


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