Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner with Ultra Fine Brush, ($41)

A while ago, one of our readers asked if there was a way to get that Indian kohl-lined look without having the liner run all over the place after a few hours of wear. I think I may have finally discovered a product that does the job, it's called Bobbi Brown Gel Eyliner. It's very much like MAC's Fluidline product, but for some reason, I'm finding this to be of higher quality and easier to use.

It's a light, waterproof formula that glides on easily on the lashline, and it's safe enough to also be used on the "waterline" to line your inner rims. It takes a minute set, so if you want to get a smokey kohl look that will last all night, you've got enough time to smudge it before it sets.

Although you don't have to, I suggest you buy the brush that is designed specifically for this product. I tried to swing it with an eyeliner brush I bought from Bobbi Brown several years ago, but it didn't work well, and only got success when I went back to the mall to buy the Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush.

What I love best about this product is how smudge-resistant is. Once it sets, it's stuck until you remove it with eye makeup remover. It's ideal for contact lense wearers and those of us who live in hot, humid weather. I can also see this product becoming a favorite for brides as well, especially those getting married in the summer.

If you don't live near a mall that sells Bobbi Brown, don't worry. QVC is having a deal on this product right now where you get both the liner and the brush for $41 + shipping. As for colors, don't just limit yourself to Black. The Espresso (Dark Brown) is great for a natural-looking, daytime smokey eye and the Cobalt (a bluish black-gray), wow, this one is fabulous if you're wearing a bright shirt like yellow, hot pink, or tangerine and spending the day outdoors in the sun.


  1. This is a fabulous eyeliner, it doesn't run at all and stay put all day, it's my holy grail!

  2. i love this one so much more than mac's fluidline. i've recently converted to the HIP cream liners and bobbi's gel liners. infinitely better


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