Monday, May 5, 2008

Laura Mercier Gold Digger Makeup Collection

For her Gold Digger Collection, Laura Mercier keeps the makeup collection small in size yet fabulous. As the name hints, the collection consists of various shades of golds that look great on all skin tones, from fair to dusky to ebony.

The collection consists of:
1. Eye Colour Pot in White Gold, Solid Gold and Bronzed Gold -- the double decker pots hold both loose powder and satin cream color in three colors.

2. Lip Glace in Platinum (shimmery white), Gold (shimmery gold) and Bronze (shimmery bronze) -- high shine lip gloss that is long lasting and plumping.
3. Bronzing Duo in Coral Bronze (peachy coral and dusty tan) and Pink Bronze (bright pink and dark bronze)-- a silky two-toned bronzer that leaves a soft, golden sheen and adds a healthy radiance.

4. Nail Lacquer in Sterling (light silver) and 24 Karat (dark gold) -- high shine nail color.

Collection recommendations: The Eye Colour Pots in all the available colors are just beautiful. I especially love the cream eye color which goes on very silkily and provides a great summer look. I also love the Lip Glace in Bronze and the Bronzing Duo in Coral Bronze which provides a peachy glow, rather than dirty tan.


  1. Hey Kohl Girl!

    I haven't had the chance to get my hands on any of the Vogue India issues yet, but i will keep a look out for any scans online i come across :)

  2. I've been going back and forth on whether I want to get anything in this collection, but I think I finally will get one of the color pots.

  3. Hi Beautytalk --
    Definitely check out the color pots...I think you'll be pleased with them. One more thing that I didn't blog about is that the cream part of the pots (especially White Gold) can easily be used as a cream highlighter on the cheeks and browbones.

  4. My question doesn't relate to this post but here it is anyways.

    I wax facial hair at home to save time and money but I am getting alot of pimples in the areas that I wax. Am I doing it wrong? or is due to the nature of waxing itself?

  5. Hi Jagmeet,
    I can understand your predicament. I used to wax my face years ago and also used to break out afterwards. I think your breakouts could be caused for several reasons. One of the reasons could be that the hair follicles from which the hair is being pulled out gets clogged with oil/dirt from the leftover wax or just from an overactive oil gland once the hair is pulled. You may want to try exfoliating your face a day or two prior to waxing to get rid of the dirt/dead skin cells, similar to the way it helps to exfoliate your legs prior to shaving to prevent ingrowns. If you go to a professional waxing salon, I would ask them to put something like Tend Skin on your skin which helps prevent things like breakouts. If you wax on your own, you may want to still consult with a dermatologist to see if your skin is perhaps too sensitive for waxing in general...maybe threading would be a gentler option that would not result in breakouts.

  6. Kohl girl is right about exfoliating. The key to remember is not to use a heavy moisturizer after you wax. I usually just put on some Tea Tree Oil (you can dilute this with water if it's too strong) immediately after waxing, and then use Stridex or Clearasil pads for Sensitive Skin for about a week to exfoliate my face. The pads have a low concentration of Salycilic acid in them, and it's a great way to keep your pores clean.

  7. I ordered some Tend Skin so i'll see if that helps.

    I have pretty oily skin that is already acne prone. I use Proactive twice a day but recently i've changed out the toner that comes with the kit with sea breeze. It seems to be much better at removing the dirt/oil. I don't use any heave moisturizer, only the proactive lotion so I don't think that is a problem.

    Thanks for the help.

  8. Jagmeet --

    One more thing, because I am worried about your skin condition! While it is not good to use heavy moisturizers, please also remember not to use too many toners, etc. that strip your skin completely of moisture because your oil glands will go crazy and produce more oil, resulting in yes, more breakouts.

    Also, I don't know the ingredients of Proactiv or other skin products you use, but take care not to use acne prevention products with acids such as glycolic, etc. while waxing because they make your skin sensitive and you can literally take off your first layer of skin!

    If your skin issues are more than just a pimple or two here and there after waxing, I would recommend, and I think CM would agree with me, to definitely go to a dermatologist once to analyze the current state of your skin. We are not professionals so things we recommend are for more mild cases of breakouts, etc., and a dermatologist would be able to better attack problem skin issues. Take care!

  9. I don't have major skin problems, my breakouts are mild.

    I don't use any products on my face after waxing, just want it with luke warm water.

    Proactive contains benzyl peroxide.

    I did talk to a doctor and she recommended pills. The pills she gave me required that I stop taking in dairy products, stay out of the sun and not eat 2 hours before and faster taking them. I decided to stop taking them.

  10. Need to hit Sephora asap and check out this collection, thanks for the heads up:)

  11. Need to hit Sephora asap and check out this collection, thanks for the heads up:)


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