Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tightening the Beauty Belt: Days 6 to 10

May 6: Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Glossy Rose

If there were a blind test between drugstore bought Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss and a department store gloss, I would seriously not be able to tell the difference between the products. The quality of the Revlon lip gloss is smooth and non-tacky, meaning your hair won't stick to your lips on those windy days. Further, the shine is so beautiful that I regularly get compliments on it

Glossy Rose is one of my favorite color choices in the range as it is a rose pink that looks great on a multitude of skin tones.

May 7: Veet Bladeless Razor Hair Removal Gel

If you are as scared of wax strips and hot wax as I am, but tend to grow a forest on your limbs as I do, you need to try this hair removal gel. This gel is not the hair removal creams and gels of the 1980s with a nasty chemical smell. The gel goes on like shaving gel, is left on for only 3 to 5 minutes and the hair comes very easily -- no post-removal shaving to remove little hairy tidbits. I like using the Veet gel on my legs, arms and even bikini line.

May 8: Tree Hut Brazilian Nut Body Butter

Given my love for gourmand fragrances, I used to have a penchant for buying very expensive body creams in vanilla, honey, almond, chocolate, you-name-the-dessert scents. I often felt really guilty for dropping anywhere from $25 to $50 on these creams and as a result, I was thrilled to find the Tree Hut body butter.

This body butter smells amazing (gourmand, of course), is as thick and creamy as the expensive brands, moisturizes extremely well and retails for only $7. Plus, it comes in a big tub and since the thickness of the cream means you don't need to use much, this $7 will go along way.

May 9: Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Cream

I'm deeply loyal to my Shiseido cleansing cream but when I ran out a few weeks ago, a friend introduced me to this Neutrogena cleansing cream. Unlike a lot of creams, this one actually feels like it is cleansing and rinses completely without any residue. In addition, it doesn't have any of the foaming sulfates that strip your face of its natural oils and cause more breakouts.

May 10: Ardell Duralash Individual False Eyelashes

MAC, Laura Mercier and Shu Uemura all make great false eyelashes but are by no means cheap. I'm personally not willing to drop a ton of cash on something I wear only once in a while to a fancy event to glam up my look. Ardell's false lashes are budget friendly and are very easy to use. I love the individual lashes that you can cut down and attached to the outer lash line.


  1. great post KG! I'll have to go try Revlon's gloss, I don't know why I assumed it would be similar in quality to their lipsticks (which all seem to have a nasty Pond's cold cream taste to them and dry my lips out.). I second the rec for the Veet though, it's one of my favorite products too!

  2. I totally hear you on the taste AND smell of a lot of drugstore brand lipsticks lipglosses...but I PROMISE you, these are different. Just like normal lip gloss!


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