Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buh-bye Dark Undereye Circles

You know how some beauty mags ask you, "If you could take one beauty product to a deserted island what would it be?" The answer for me was always concealer. I could always use some island fruit juice for lipstick and blush, but I've gotta have my concealer. I've been on a quest to find that one perfect product that conceals my dark under eye circles for what seems like forever. Women of color, I know you hear me on this. Dark under eye circles for most olive and tan skinned women is just part of our genetics. Working out and drinking alot of water helps a little, but nothing really gets rid of them completely like a good concealer.

I've tried a bunch of concealers over the years, both drugstrore and department store brand, but was never really satisfied with them. With Stila's Illuminating Concealer, the formula was so sheer than I could still see the darkness peeking underneath, and with Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage, the formula was so dry it drew more attention to my under eye area by making it look parched and wrinkly. I also had a hard time finding a shade that suited me as well, her foundation products don't really cater to women with olive and golden undertones.

What I've found after much trial and error, is that women with olive and tan skin need a concealer that looks a little orange to cancel out the dark circles. And this is where Bobbi Brown comes to the rescue.


The product is called Corrector, rather than concealer, and hides all signs of dark circles in one application. There's no mixing of two shades or needing to apply extra eye cream before you apply, or needing to use extra foundation on top. Just apply with a concealer brush, set with a little powder on top (totally optional, but I prefer to), and those circles are gone. The makeup artist who helped me find my shade (Dark Peach) said some women follow up with using Bobbi's Creamy Concealer after using Corrector, but I didn't need it, and many women use the Corrector alone as concealer.

I'm a MAC NC-42 and the shade Dark Peach in the Corrector worked for me. Although it's best to get a professional consult to find the right shade for you, Bobbi Brown has a great chart on her website to help you find your color match if you live far away from a store that sells Bobbi Brown. If you decide to order direct from bobbibrowncosmetics.com, use the promo code "Bronze" to get FREE STANDARD SHIPPING. (Code expires at midnight on June 14, 2008.)


  1. I'm am an NC42 as well and I've been wondering if the BB corrector would work well. Now, I am definitely going to go try it. Thanks for the review!

  2. your welc! It really does work, and if you're an NC 42 definitely start with the dark peach. It looks orange in the pot, but once you apply to your undereye area, it magically disappears into your skin, taking your dark circles with it.

  3. "I could always use some island fruit juice for lipstick or blush."

    That is the funniest line I've heard all week. It's that stuff that makes you such a great writer.


  4. I heart you. I need new concealer like it's no one's business. My dark circles are butt nasty. I'm getting this asap!!!


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