Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to Look Like a Bollywood Star

Hey ladies, I found this great video online that gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply makeup Bollywood style. The artist applying the makeup is the very talented Naveeda, who is popular with both Bollywood celebs and South Asian brides in the U.K.

If you've ever seen really pretty makeup on a desi girl at a party/wedding, and wondered how she got the look (or how long it took her to do it), this video is a must see. Naveeda shows you how easy it is to get smoldering eyes and gives you tips on how to apply the colors. Even I learned something new here. I usually apply my light eyeshadow colors first and then contour with dark shadow, but as Naveeda points out, you get a much more blended and goof proof application if you apply the dark crease color first. Interesting.

How To Look Like A Bollywood Star


  1. Love the green color she put on.. Any recs on what shadow is that?

  2. Even though I think the artist is using MAC colors, I think the shade is very similar to NARS Night Porter eyeshadow. I have this shade, and it's gorgeous, especially against brown eyes. (green is a natural complement to brown.)

  3. can u recommend a nice neutral mac eyeshadow. i am nc 42. thank you

  4. Princess,

    I have been using MAC Retrospeck shadow which a light champagne shadow with a little shimmer and I love it. I also just bought MAC Expensive Pink yesterday and love it! Expensive Pink is not really pink, more of a shimmery peach and is a nice neutral for summer but with a dab of looks wonderful on tan skin.

    MAC has a TON of great neutral shadows...I would try the two I mentioned and I would suggest going to a MAC store/counter and playing around...its a ton of fun!

    Kohl Girl

  5. very cool post. I did find it wierd that they applied foundation AFTER they did all the eye make-up. I love how creamy that eyeshadow was,is it MAC?

  6. yeah, I found it odd too. I apply my concealor and eye base, and foundation first, and then go on to do the eyes. But I've heard of alot of artists doing it this way: eye makeup first, then foundation and then concealer. I guess, you should do whatever works for you. My concealer doesn't rub off when I apply foundation, because I use powder foundation, and it actually helps set the concealer. I also use eyebrow pencil as opposed to brow powder because I like the ease of the pencil. If you use it right, it doesn't turn out harsh.

  7. also, I do think the colors were MAC, but I don't know what color she used.


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