Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot for Summer: Orange Lipstick

I've always been a little scared of orange lipstick. Pick the right shade, and it can make you look trendy and chic. Pick the wrong one, and it'll make you look like a whore.

Well, there's nothing whorish about Bipasha's look here, in fact, I LOVE this look for summer.


With a little MAC Mocha blush, and eyes lined in MAC Smolder, you've got the perfect base for swiping on the hottest shade of the summer, orange.

To get the look, don't waste time with any other color other than MAC Electro ($14). Hot, hot, hot! It's from their Neo Sci-Fi Collection, so it's a limited release color, but it's the most universally flattering shade of orange I've ever seen. Use it with MAC Half-Red lipliner, to redden it up to get Bipasha's look, and top it off with MAC Pink Grapefruit lipglass (also from the Neo Sci-Fi collection). Viva la Orange!

Note: MAC Mahogany lipliner works well with this shade too!

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  1. hey, can u plz guide me how i can i apply kajal without having it smudged. my kajal always gets my dark circles even darker

  2. woman, use a concealor first and apply powder with a powder brush to your face and undereye area BEFORE applying kajal. See my review on Bobbi Brown Corrector, it's the best concealor I can rec for dark circles. Applying powder on top of concealer is key because it keeps the kajal from running. Also, it might be best to use a waterproof eyeliner. Bobbi Brown Gel liner is good, but if you want easy application with a pencil, go for MAC Powerpoint pencil (I think Engraved is the black shade,). The pencil is waterproof and won't run, I use this in the summer and have yet to see it run, and you can use it on the inner rims as well.
    The Prussian shade in the Powerpoint pencil is also a favorite of both mine and Kohl Girl if you're looking to add a little color to your eyes.

  3. P.s. be sure to dust your eyelids and underye, and eyelashes too with powder before applying kajal. powder helps keep your kajal dry and acts like glue to keep it from running.

  4. Thnx a tom chic mommy. m in a pakistani small city so its a bit difficult to find products here. but i m definately going to give it a try[:)]


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