Sunday, August 10, 2008

Keeping it Natural....

Often times when you hear about Hollywood ladies doing "natural" makeup or hair, the look is anything but natural! So called "natural" faces are slapped with foundation, powder, eye shadow and the works and supposedly "natural" hair is ironed, curled, etc.

So it was nice to see Salma Hayek step out a few days ago at the Vicky Cristina Barcelona premiere in what really looks like a natural makeup and hair look. Her hair has the type of volume and even a bit of frizz that curly haired girls usually experience in the summer.

Basically, it looks like she did her own hair and makeup which I love!!


  1. I totally agree, finally a celeb who looks amazing in her own skin without layers of makeup, she looks amazing with this look

  2. I love Salma and I agree with ya! Thanks for coming by!


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