Monday, August 25, 2008

Rx for Brown Skin Worth a Try

While trying to figure out why I'm noticing so much more hyperpigmentation after breakouts, and it's taking longer for them to fade, I stumbled upon the following buzzworthy bit of science:

"As brown skin matures, skin cells become sticky and don't rejuvenate properly." (source)

Meaning, my skin's ability to exfoliate and heal itself is diminishing with age. So what's a brown-skinned lady whose getting older by the minute supposed to do to get even skin tone and get rid of those pesky dark spots left behind by zits? Rx for Brown Skin seems to have some great products that might help.

Rx for Brown Skin is a skin care line designed specifically for women with, you guessed it, brown skin, but it also addresses the needs of women with yellow and olive skin. The products are heavily based on the natural healing powers of hyaluronic acid, soy, and pomegranate, and free of irritating chemicals like hydroquinone (which is found in most OTC skin bleaching agents and makes dark skin peel unevenly). I've tried two products from this line, the Bright and Even Exfoliating Cleanser ($21) and the Naturally Flawless Advanced Botanical Brightener ($36).

After using the products for about 4 weeks, I've noticed that my dark spots are no longer noticeable and most definitely do not show up in photographs. Both products were gentle on my skin and gave me an overall smoother appearance. Of the two products, I prefer the Exfoliating Cleanser as it helped the Brightener do it's job better and left my skin feeling clean down to the pores. The Brightener on it's own didn't seem to work without the help of the Exfoliating Cleanser, it seems these two products need to be used in tandem to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation (which was my main goal).

I can still see faint remnants of the spots if I look really close, as in, with a magnifying mirror, but they're not obvious at first glance anymore. Hopefully, with continued use of the products, they'll soon vanish forever.

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