Thursday, April 17, 2008

Olay Quench: Lotion vs. Mousse

Following on the heels of its very moisturizing Quench Body Lotion, Olay has come out with Quench Mousse. The theory behind the mousse formula is that it is a much lighter form of the lotion, perfect for an upcoming, hot and humid summer.
Having loved the Quench Body Lotion, I had high expectations for the mousse. At first, I enjoyed the texture of Quench Mousse on my skin. The product has the same exact feel as hair mousse. The problem comes after the application. My skin tends to be in on the dry side and Quench Mousse is not as moisturizing as its lotion counterpart. Further, the application leaves an unenjoyable sticky feel on the skin...I imagine this stickiness would only get worse in humid weather.

The bottomline is to stick with the Quench Body Lotion which, although not particularly groundbreaking or creative, completes the basic goal of moisturizing.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I love the lotion and would have bought this. You saved me some money :).


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