Monday, April 21, 2008

Ren F10 Enzymatic Skin Smoothing Mask

A few weeks ago, I went searching around the internet for a face mask to repair the havoc that this winter has created on my face. Luckly, I found Ren F10 Enzymatic Skin Smoothing Mask, a gel mask that actually delivers what it claims.

The mask is formulated with Papaya rich in Papain (an enzyme that exfoliates away dead skin cells), Barbados Cherry (rich in vitamin C) and Arctic Blackcurrant (rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids)....basically, all the good stuff for your skin!

After just one use of the mask, my face was much smoother and more even toned. The enzymes in the mask works wonderfully to exfoliate away the small bumps on my face (especially the nose area) brought on by a build-up of oil, pollution and a bad diet choices. I only use the mask two times a week as it works as an exfoliator.

This is a great mask for individuals with normal, combination or oily skin, especially women who experience roughness and small bumps from time to time (those with acne should be careful with the enzymes). The mask does not have any harsh side effects such as tingling or tightening - in fact, I could barely tell it was working until I washed it off. An added plus of the mask is its smell - there is no chemical scent, just a fruity, papaya smell that reminds me of dried fruit!

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  1. Hi Kohl girl ,

    I too got the sonia kashuk brush set , they are pretty good for the price , more importantly they dont irritate my skin .
    interesting series , will look forward to the rest of ur picks :-)

    Chic mommy ,
    saw ur reply to my comment in march just now , I bought the smashbox creme liner in caviar/midnight brown duo on ur recco and am using it with the mac engraved eye pencil , its working great .
    also have been using foundation very sparingly and yeah as u said one does not need it on a daily basis and it has been such a difference , my skin certainly feels lighter and fresher. Thanks again :-)

    btw like all those make up breakdowns u have done recently .
    keep posting


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