Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cosmopolitan India November 2008 Beauty Loot

The November 2008 issue of Cosmopolitan India has some colorful beauty goods in its Beauty Loot section to get you through this dreary winter (click on the image to enlarge).

Cosmo India's November picks:

1. YSL Golden Gloss - YSL makes high quality makeup and I imagine these lip glosses are no exception. The glosses, all containing gold flecks, are a beach vacation in a tube!

2. Revlon Custom Creations Foundation - This is the foundation touted by Jess Alba in all those commercials. I've never tried it but hey, if its good enough for her, its good enough for me! Readers - if you've tried this foundation, let us know what you think!!

3. The Body Shop Sparkle Range - I live around the block from The Body Shop but rarely go in...these eye shadow palettes are making me seriously reconsider that. The colors are gorgeous, especially the warm range.

4. Lakme Bridal Sutra - The jewel toned shadows and lip glosses in sapphire and ruby would look gorgeous on eyes and lips. I'd rethink the gold lipstick though unless it was used on top of a dark red lip to add some dimension.

5. Manish Arora Eye Palette - Pop culture colors, just like Manish Arora's clothing, in one palette. Definitely for the daring...


  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog, never knew there was an Indian site dedicated to makeup and beauty. Will keep hopping by ur blog. :)
    -- Rekha&Sharon

  2. ola!! thnks for droppin by! oooh seems u love Manish Arora too :D i so bought his lipglass in pink! :) I love your blog. so puttin it on my blogroll. will keep comin by often!
    tc mon cherie


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