Monday, November 24, 2008

Sameera Reddy's Makeup and Skincare Secrets

The beautiful Sameera Reddy let MSN Life & Style in on some of her makeup and skincare secrets. I concur with her DIY beauty tip on using a sandalwood and rose water pack on the face after a sunburn - I love using this face pack to soothe and cool the skin. You can pick up sandalwood powder and rose water at any Indian specialty store (or even order online now!). Her interview is below:

Tell us about your beauty regime? I wash my face with Clinic DRX. My skin is oily and this face wash suits me best.

Must-do beauty ritual before leaving home? I never leave home without applying a light base sunscreen.

Home beauty tip? A mixture of sandalwood powder and rose water works wonders. I apply this pack at least once a week. It helps cool down the skin after exposure to sunlight.

A make-up tip? Too much liner and eye make-up makes you look older. One should use a heavy mascara with gloss instead.

Earthy tones or vibrant colours? Earthy tones enhanced with a good vibrant blush and lipstick.

A strict no-no? Using heavy make-up on the eyes and lips at the same time is a bad idea.

For what you visit Parlour? Hair. I love to pamper my tresses at a hair spa.

Your beauty wish-list? To be able to sleep more – it helps the skin glow.

Your best feature? My hair.

You pamper it with? I massage it twice a week with aroma oils and even use leave-in hair products.

Beauty icon? Catherine Zeta Jones

A brand you love? There are two, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel.

Can't stay without? Lip balm

Beauty quick fix? I rub cucumber slices and ice cubes on my face. It's a great wake me up ritual.

Bedtime ritual? I cleanse my skin with a make-up and eye make-up remover. I follow it with an overnight cream and an under eye cream.

How do you tackle a bad hair day? After shampooing, I use a serum and a leave-in conditioner. It makes the hair soft and easier to manage.

The secret to good lips? A mix of lip gloss with drops of lip plumper.

Your Beauty message? Age gracefully or I want to age gracefully.

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