Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's Do the Twist

Following closely on the heels of the popular braid trend from last season, twists in the hair seem to be popping up everywhere from Carolina Herrera's Spring '09 runway to celebrities such as Lindsay Price from Lipstick Jungle to reality tv stars like Cologne from Stylista (don't pretend like you don't watch that show!).

I love Cologne's hair twist to jazz up stick straight hair. Starting at the front of the hair and from one side of your the part, begin twisting a one inch piece of hair from the roots to the tip. Do the same with a one inch piece of hair from the other side of the part. Join both pieces of hair at the back of the head with a small rubber band. This style looks equally pretty with a side part or a middle part.

The little hair twist that Lindsay Price wears to the side is lovely but simple. Taking a small chunk of hair at the front, split it into two and twist it loosely a few times. Pin loosely to the back of the head, hiding the pin under the rest of your hair. This style looks so pretty on soft waves like Lindsay's or even super curly hair.

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