Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Geeta Basra: When Bronzer Goes Bad

I hate talking smack about people, including celebrities, when it comes to their appearance...I really do. Yet there comes a time when you gotta say, "Girl, did you look in the mirror before you left the house??!"

Such a time is now and such a celebrity is the beautiful Geeta Basra (did you know that this Bollywood actress is actually born and bred in the U.K.?!). This lady really is beautiful but dang, she went nuts with the bronzer for a recent event.

Geeta loaded way too much bronzer on her cheeks and jawline to the point where her face looks slightly ruddy. The beauty of bronzer is too look "glowy" and "sunkissed," definitely not sunburnt in a George Hamilton sort of way.

So if you're having a bit of trouble of bronzer, make sure to pick the right color bronzer (stay away from those that are too reddish bronze or orange bronze) and sweep it on lightly with a fan brush which helps control the amount you deposit on the face.


  1. You're right...she really went to town with it!
    Such a pretty girl though..!

  2. Oh dear, I'm embarassed now! I thought the bronzer looked really nice, it brings out her bone structure beautifully!

  3. My god... someone give her a veil... trashy bronze effect... I mean.. all i can see is bronze! where is her face?!


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