Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If You're Shiny and You Know It, Blot Your Face!!

I've probably prayed for really, really hot weather about 3,000 times in the last four months of disgusting Chicago weather. And then it happens - the heat and humidity set in, you start sweating, your face becomes an oil slick and you want to destroy every photo taken of you with said oil slick. Even celebrities aren't immune from "shiny face" - check out Padma L.

At least its only Padma's forehead that is shiny - my pet peeve is a shiny nose!! Sometimes just cleansing and toning don't cut it in the summer. So here's how to enjoy the summer without feeling like you have a Crisco mask on:
Blotting Papers

When you're shiny and you know it, whip out some trusty blotting papers to reduce the reflection. There are a ton of brands of blotting papers out now so you don't have to spend a fortune on these disposable products. Simply take a sheet of paper and press to your forehead and nose. Whether or not you get glee from looking at the sheet afterwards to see how much oil you picked up is, well, up to you! Repeat with a clean sheet if necessary. The glamour factor with blotting papers though is probably a zero - its a little weird so keep the action in private areas such as a restroom rather than blotting in public.

1. Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets - 50 sheets for $5.29

2. Shu Uemura Blotting Paper - 40 sheets for $12

3. Shiseido Pureness Oil Control Blotting Paper - 100 sheets for $17

4. NYX Blotting Paper - 50 sheets for $3

5. Brown Paper Napkins - $0

The NYX blotting sheets are a bargain at $0.06 per sheet but if you prefer to go high end, the Shiseido sheets are $0.17 each and you get a 100 - most likely enough to last you the whole summer.

If you're a true recessionista, you may want to more about option #5. That's right, brown paper napkins double as blotting papers and I know a few people that swear by these, particularly the ones in Starbucks. And since there's a Starbucks on practically every corner of this country now, if you forget your regular blotting papers feel free to stop on by and steal some napkins to pretty yourself up.

Blotting Powder

Now if you're so oily that blotting papers aren't going to do anything but disintegrate once they touch your face, consider purchasing blotting powder. In my opinion, blotting powder isn't ideal because you're probably tacking on makeup on top of makeup which will give you a more matte look. However, if its a necessity, consider some of these options:

1. MAC Pressed Blotting Powder - $21.00

2. IMAN Perfect Response Oil Blotting Powder - $14.99

I've used and loved the MAC Pressed Blotting Powder. Its very light and somewhat translucent so you don't need a perfect skin tone match. And I never found it to clog my pores, only provide a light veil to stop the oilies.


  1. Blotting papers are the BEST things ever for summer weather. I live in a tropical country where humidity is always at it's maximum....and let me tell you, without those blotting papers, I'd have my camera stashed away and hidden. Lol.

    It's very useful when it comes to that oily T-zone. :)

  2. I have super oily skin and use toilet seat covers to remove the oil. I know it sounds gross but it works really well. Just use the like regular store bought blotting paper. Its also free and available everywhere - easy fix for oily skin if you are at a restaurant.

  3. Thanks, for the note, Archana! Is there any particular brand of blotting paper that you like?

    Anon - The toilet seat cover idea is kind of genius! It does have the same consistency as the blotting papers now that I think of it. Great idea!

  4. Clean & Clear's Oil Control Film. :) It's this tacky blue color though, so definitely use it in private.

    Oil blotting is not lady-like in public, haha.

  5. I swear by the C&C sheets as well! They're pretty inexpensive and they do the trick without adding more powder to your face.

    Gaah to the oily nose - it's my arch-nemesis as well. I've tried a variety of supposed mattifiers but none that last as long as they're supposed to last.

  6. I also use the toilet seat covers, another thing that I use is a plain makeup sponge... I buy these red ones at my local sallys beauty supply.. I keep one in my purse nd one in the car to stop shine in its tracks.. I live in Florida so I am always a greasy monkey, and this works wonders!

  7. Mish, the plain makeup sponge idea is a good one as well and definitely a "green" one as I imagine you can wash the sponges and use them at least a few times, right?

  8. Yupp, I wash them weekly with a little Anti Bacterial soap like dial, and let them dry, a friend of mine does this too but she just tosses them in with her laundry!! Im not that brave yet!


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