Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tint

Summer is the time to layer on sheer washes of color due to the intense heat and humidity. And cheek stains or tints are the way to go to add a hint of color instead of piling on the powder blush.

Bobbi Brown has come out with the Sheer Color Cheek Tint, a cute little twist-up tint that you can throw in your bag when you need to brighten up a bit. The tint comes in 6 colors - the best colors for darker skin tones are the Sheer Blackberry, a plummy pink, and Sheer Raspberry, a brighter mauve pink.
The Sheer Blackberry, in my opinion, is especially well suited for desi skin tones because it exactly mimics the flush you get from working out. The Sheer Blackberry also looked really pretty on my lips - sort of like a Clinique Black Honey color.
To apply, either dab it on the cheeks directly OR rub the color on fingers and then apply it on the cheeks.
I would have loved to provide a swatch on my cheeks but my camera is behaving badly - you'll just have to try it out on your own!
  • Dual purpose - can use it both on cheeks and lips!
  • Very natural flush
  • Sheer texture makes it difficult to screw up
  • Bright, summer-ready colors


  • Slightly sticky
  • Very small tube for $22 but I believe it will last a while
  • Color doesn't last more than a few hours (but this is typical of stains or tints)


  1. Hi there,

    You have a very very informative blog and since I have started reading it, I can blindly go and purchase the products and 9 out of 10 times, it has worked. Heartful thanks for that!
    I would also like to request you if you could suggest, or run a story on brown lip shades for dusky indian skin tone. I find it a challenge to find the perfect brown.

  2. Hi, how do these compare to the BB pot rouges? Do u know shes discontinuing most of her pot rouges and a lot of gel liners? and some more stuff too! I really like the pot rouges and the gel liners!:(

  3. Priya - Thanks so much for the compliment. I'd love to do a story on brown-toned lip shades. Can you give me more info? Are you looking for daytime/work shades? Nighttime? Both? Any particular reason you want to brown as opposed to other colors?

  4. Anshu7 - I actually asked the BB people whether those products were being discontinued - they said only some shades were being discontinued not the products themselves. I guess we shall see!

    In terms a comparison b/w the pot rouge and cheek tint, the pot rouge is creamer and more pigmented while the cheek tint is more of a gel formula and translucent. The pot rouge would probably last longer b/c of the pigmentation - however, its easier to make yourself look like a clown! The cheek tint is pretty goof proof since it is sheer.

  5. Hi there,

    I would definitely like a day and night recommendation, with both pigmented and sheer options.

    Since I have a busy schedule, I usually keep a set of purple, brown and pink makeup (lip, eyes and cheek) though I prefer double duty products like BB's pot rouge. Though I am lucky with purple shades (BB and Clinique) and pinks (I like the Neutrogena Moistureshine), somehow I am at loss with finding brown that looks brown and not pink. I was looking at Clinque's Spiced Apple yesterday. Looks like a browned down version of a red...but then it's still not brown :)

    I am open to new colors.

  6. Ooh, great tip! I've been using the Nars cheek tint during the day, and I'm almost out. I'm going to try this one - especially since you say it mimics the workout pink. I'm always on a quest to find that elusive shade of pink for my skin.


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