Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wet Bronze Eye Look

This is a wet bronze look I did for a friend's birthday party last night...instead of just applying a bronze shadow dry to the eyelids, I applied the shadow wet for extra shine on the lids.

What I used:
YSL Touch Eclat #4 to prep my eyelids
Lorac Bronze Shadow applied wet all over eyelids
Lorac Spice Shadow applied wet in the outer corner of eyes and along lower lashes
MAC Smolder Eye Pencil along upper lashline and lower waterline
I combined the wet bronze look with pink blush and a slightly glossy light pink lip - when it warms up a little, I think I might go with a more hot pink lip!


  1. i've just come across your blog and wanted to say that i think it's FAB. I'm of African origin living in London so might not be your target but i don't feel excluded.

  2. Loyad- Thanks for such a wonderful compliment!! It is exactly the goal of the blog to help desi women specifically but women of color generally to navigate through all the beauty stuff out there so I am glad that you like it! And I am jealous that you live in London - I love that city!

  3. Hi Kohl girl :)
    Found you thru desi bloggers :)
    Great blog, great coverage of products, looks and personalities. I loved the Madhubala post :)

  4. I have to try this look - its very pretty and I might manage not to mess it up too much LOL

  5. Hi Mukho!! Thanks for stopping by, glad you found us!!! Let me know if there are any particular future posts you'd like to see!

    Mighty J - let me know what you think! Its not too hard to do, I promise!

  6. I love, love bronze eyeshadow! Hehe, it's always my standard when I'm out for the night - - it's just so incredibly gorgeous on brown skin. :) Yours look beautiful!


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