Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gorgeous Two Toned Eyes at Luli Fama and Cia Maritima 2010 Swim

Check out these gorgeous, two-toned eye looks at the Mercedes Benz Swim 2010 fashion shows that were in Miami last week (yeah, I had no idea there was a whole fashion week dedicated to swimwear either). The NARS Eye Shadow Duos and L'Oreal HIP Eye Shadow Duos are pretty awesome for the two toned look as they have bright, contrasting colors in interesting combinations.

At the Luli Fama show, models sported a shimmery dark purple shadow on the upper eyelids and an electric blue lining the bottom lashes. Try NARS Eye Shadow Duo in Demon Lover for this striking look that is perfect for nighttime.

Then, there is the teal-on-top, lime green-on-the-bottom eyes at the Cia Maritima show. I normally don't do my eyes up in such bright, peacocky colors but this I love!! Luckily, we have (hopefully) several more weeks of summer to try this pretty look out!

It looks pretty simple to do as well. The teal color is used to line the top lashline and is winged out. Then the lime green shade is dabbed along the lower lashline. Try the L'Oreal HIP Bright Eye Shadow Duos in Riotous - the darker color is a little duller than the teal, but overall the shadow will work.


  1. love the first look! I want to try it..

  2. Akisa - if you try it, send me a pic!!


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