Monday, July 27, 2009

Sienna Miller's Mussed Up Ponytail at the GI Joe Premiere

Sometimes Hollywood beauty can be annoying because its too perfect...sometimes you gotta love British beauty for exactly the opposite reason - British ladies like Kate Moss, Thandie Newton and Sienna Miller have an edginess and uniqueness all their own.

I love this ponytail Sienna wore at the GI Joe premiere. I love the volume on top, sleekness on the side and the fact that it looks like she didn't try too hard.

My hairstyling skills are subpar when it comes to putting my hair looks like she might have pinned up some of the hair on the crown but I couldn't find a pic of the back. Anyone have any clue how she did this?!


  1. Looks like she's clipped both the crown piece and side right up on in the center - hence achieving that look. :) I usually wear my ponytail with volume on the crown. I think it looks prettier. I usually blow-dry the crown so it's puffy and has bounce. Then I clip it back, and then once it's clipped I slide it forward a little, which gives it that voluminous shape. As for the sides, I'd assume the same rule applies. Blow dry with a big round barrel brush - makes a difference.

    Don't know if that made sense, lol, it's easier to explain with a in person or with a visual.

  2. I totally love this hairstyle.It looks perfect with without being rigid.

    I have tried so many times to get this volume-on-crown-hair but fail miserably.My hair just falls flat and looks disconnected from the rest where I clip it.

  3. Speaking of up-dos ... anyone have input on u-shaped pins for thick hair? Sort of like the ones your mom may have used. I have no idea where to find 'em but I'm convinced they are the key for me to get my thick, longish hair in a chignon that stays put.

  4. Thanks, Archana!! I will have to try that - I think I definitely need to start by blow drying the crown for some volume!

    Pg - no worries, I've tried so many times too and haven't been able to get it right!! One day!!

    Desipolitan - check out my post on creating a chignon I love the U shaped pins that you can get at walgreens!!

  5. Sienna looks very gorgeous on her hairstyle.


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