Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Deepika Padukone's Side Braided Style

I spotted this super cute hair style on Deepika today!! Its one of the many styles from an dance item number she is doing for an upcoming film.

It looks like her hair was given a deep part, then very loosely french braided with chunks of hair on both sides of the part, then braided or twisted together to the end and finally wrapped with a yellow ribbon. Now its not the type of style you'd wear to work obviously but its a nice change from the standard ponytail on the weekend, out shopping or to the beach.

The only thing I think I would change to this style would be to have wrapped in metallic (gold, silver or bronze) cord or ribbon rather than the yellow - its a little too matchy matchy for my taste, but oh well, I suppose its for a Bollywood film.

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