Thursday, July 2, 2009

Misleading and Just Stupid: Priyanka's Chopra's Sunsilk "Thick and Long" TV Commercial

Oy vey. I came across this TV commercial for Sunsilk "Thick & Long" hair products starring Priyanka Chopra today and the ad just irked me beyond belief! I always used to roll my eyes at the Pantene Pro-V hair commercials where the models' hair was digitized to perfection but the Sunsilk commercial is even more stupid, in my opinion.

Not only does the hair in the commercial look totally fake, but Priyanka Chopra doesn't even have really long, really jet black, really silky pin straight hair like that! And she hasn't had that kind of for years!! Instead, P.C. wears her hair dyed brown, sort of wavy and I can tell her hair type is somewhat thick and coarse, like many desi women.

Talk about misleading advertising. My mom once saw a similar hair commercial starring Lara Dutta and kept blabbing about how beautiful her hair was. Rolled eyes then, roll my eyes now. Yeah, maybe in some alternate universe I will get hair like that JUST from using shampoo and conditioner!! - Does Sunsilk really think that adverts like this are the way to go? Wouldn't a more realistic ad starring Priyanka with her normal, everyday hair sell products as well?

Watch the video for yourself - and let me know what you think!


  1. Commercial are infamous for embellishing their products. It's how the advertising industry thrives. And in India, the advertising industry would crash if it wasn't for celebrity endorsements. Half of the time you know the actual celebrity doesn't really use the products they convince the mass audience to go out and buy, lol.

  2. lol you are so right. it pisses me off too.
    at least she has thick hair and once had had nice hair before all the damaging. Bipasha does clinic all clear and she doesn't even have long hair and its very thin!

  3. Priyanka is not the person for a hair commercial. Sonali Bendre, Amisha Patel may be...
    I would never buy a shampoo or condi based on her real hair, LOL ! You are so right, its coarse and almost always looks dry and frizzy. No doubt they had to use a wig ! They should have picked a model with great hair to begin with !

  4. Archana - Yeah you're right. The weird thing is that celebrity endorsements in the U.S. don't piss me off as much as the Indian ones do - maybe I am desensitized or they are just overly cheesy.

    JJC - I have seen the Bips one too! Isn't John Abraham in those commercials as well?!

    IG - Omigosh, you are so right - why isn't Sonali Bendre in more hair commercials. I guess she recently cut her hair but she totally had the best hair back in the 80s and 90s!

  5. could you do priyanka's look from the cover of Elle?

  6. Ditto on the Sonali Bendre comment! She had lovely, long, hair commercial hair.

    This one isn't even close to being believable!


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