Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Celina Jaitley Goes for A New Bob??!

A lot of hair postings today!! I admit it, I spend a lot of time thinking (and obsessing) over own hair.

Maybe I am totally out of it, but I was totally surprised to see this pic of Celina Jaitley sporting a bob!! Its definitely a departure from her sexy, sultry, long-haired mane. On closer inspection, though, it looks like her long hair might just be tucked under - its hard to tell. In any case, I'm not sure I like it on her as it kind of makes her look like she's 10 years old. Perhaps if it was styled differently it would look better.

I'm also not a huge fan of her makeup - the peachy tan eyeshadow which matches the peachy tan blush which matches the peachy tan lip color kind of just makes her face look muddy instead of monochromatic.


  1. Yeah, I agree with you - it looks like it's been pinned under. I would even argue that with the caked on makeup, this "bob" makes Celina look like an Aunty.

    Good point about the peach-on-peach-on-peach makeup. It seems like she loves doing this as her outfit at this event is a very boring brown-on-brown-on-brown...

  2. horrid makeup, and she looks unflatteringly old..


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