Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg at the NBC/Universal All-Start Party

I get so into Gossip Girl that somedays, I forget actress Michelle Trachtenberg's real name and just think of her as Georgina. Anyone else here a big GG fan?? I can't wait until the new season!!

Anyways, on to Michelle T's makeup at this particular event. To put it simply, she looked amazing. But really, its no surprise. If you take a look at an archive of her photos from the last year or so, her makeup is always, always flawless.

In this particular instance, Michelle coated her upper eyelids with a light gold shadow, lined her lower lashline with a golden bronze shade and then did a thick line of black liquid liner on her upper lashline, stopping just outside the outer corners of her eyes. A light dusting of pink blush and a juicy watermelon colored lip color finish her look. I really love that watermelon shade - it really brightens her whole face. Try Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick in Watermelon for a similar shade.*

I wonder also how she keeps her face so porcelain...she must wear some major SPF and a hat at all times. I practically tan whenever I even think of the sun.


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