Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pooja Kumar at the Bollywood Hero Premiere

For those of you not familiar with her, Pooja Kumar is an American actress who stars in the Bollywood Hero miniseries along with Neha Dhupia. And like Neha, Pooja wore an inspiring beauty look at the premiere of the miniseries this week.

Pooja stuck to cool colors to complement her pink and silver one shoulder dress - a smokey blue-gray eye with inner corners highlighted, a rose pink blush and a subtle rose pink lipstick. Try NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Underworld for a similar smokey eye. Use the dark blue shade all over the lids and to line the lower lashline and use the silvery shade in the inner corners.


  1. Hi...any recs for the lipstick that Pooja Kumar is wearing? Its a great shade for indian skin...

  2. she is really pretty...I've never heard of her!

  3. Hey Kohl Girl, I like her eye make up, do you think you do a break down please? and what lippie do you think she has on? I was thinking on doing a Sephora run but will wait till I hear back from you!

  4. Hi Anon, Anon and Ranjani - yep, I'll do a breakdown of her eyemakeup and lippie this weekend, I promise!!


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