Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cosmopolitan India March 2009 A to Z Beauty Bible

These days, with the advent of the beauty blogosphere, I'm more likely to look for beauty tips by scrolling through sister beauty blogs rather than flipping through fashion magazines. However, reading through the current issue of Cosmopolitan India, I saw a great article entitled "A to Z Beauty Bible" that had some fantastic tips that I had never heard of before. Click on the images to read for yourself or read below for some of the highlights:

B is for Burn that Eyeliner - Does your eyeliner tug at your eyelids when you apply it? The article suggests warming up your eyeliner to make it glide on easier or for a smudgy look without a lot of work.
E is for Eye Cream - Yes, we know, we know - must use an eye cream. But the article also says that for puffy eyes in particular, gels are better than creams because they dry faster. Too much moisture in eye creams can increase puffiness. Not sure if this is true or not but I thought it was interesting.
G is for Green Tea - The article provides a great tip for a DIY mouthwash. Mix green tea and baking soda and swish!

U is for Unusual Remedies - DIY beauty works wonders when you're a recessionista. The article recommends aspirin to dry up acne, baking soda to cure dandruff and BUTTER for tired feet and dry hair. I've heard of mayo and olive oil for hair, but butter?! I might have to try this!

Z is for Zinc - While most of us realize the effects good nutrition has on skin and hair, the article recommends zinc in particular helps fight acne by regulating oil glands. Time to go stock up on this mineral!


  1. Verrrry interesting! I really wish I could (cheaply) subscribe to the desi versions of Cosmo/Vogue et all outside India.

    I'm interested to know how your butter experiment turns out!

  2. It's funny about the zinc reccomendation..I just bought a supplement two days ago!
    Great article though.


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