Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain

I've been dying to try the Pat McGrath-created Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain and the Walgreens by where I live finally stocked the stains. As proof that women are gaga over this product, every single one of the lipstain products was gone when I stopped by the Walgreens with the exception of one lipstain in Bit of Blossom.

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain comes in bright markers with a felt tip. At first it was a little weird to apply what looks like a magic marker to the lips but the lipstain is so easy to use, I quickly got over it.

To apply, simply take the marker and outline lips first and then go over the line with your finger to rub it in a bit. Then, fill in lips with the marker until all areas of the lips are filled in. Press lips together and you're done. Above is my lips, one coat of the Cover Girl Lipstain and below is two coats of the Cover Girl Lipstain.

After applying the stain, you can either wear it alone, apply lipstick or a colored lip gloss to kick up the color a bit or apply a clear lip gloss for a more natural look. The stain is a bit drying so if you're used to using gloss, like me, you might want to try a bit of gloss on top for moisture. Below is the Cover Girl Lipstain with one coat of berry lipstick.

Like other stains, Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain is great for women who would like to try bright lip colors but are wary of trying anything too opaque in texture. Plus, there is no need to worry about embrassing smudges on your teeth with this.


  1. Great reviews and clicks! I'm off to buy some lippies now!

  2. Thanks, Ranjani! Hope everything is well!! Let me know if you get a different color of the lipstain and what you think of it!


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