Monday, March 30, 2009

Jemma Kidd Makeup School Iridescent Eye Silk Crayon

Hi ladies! Sorry for the delay in my posts...I was out of town this weekend and the travel became more hectic than I thought - but I am back now!

I did a little bit of makeup shopping on Saturday and found a great product that I wanted to share with you - its the Jemma Kidd Makeup School Iridescent Eye Silk Crayon. Quite a long name!!
I have a love of all types of eye pencils (you already probably got that from my pseudonym) but I especially love chubby eye pencils. Of all the chubby eye pencils I have tried, the Jemma Kidd Iridescent Eye Silk Crayon is one of the best I have tried!!

First, the Crayon has a fabulous texture. Just like the name implies, it literally glides on, very softly and almost like silk. There was absolutely no tugging at all during the application. The texture is great if you want to line eyes or if you want to smudge the product into the eyelid like a shadow.
Second, the Crayon comes in a range of extremely pretty colors that are especially well suited to spring - Mercury (silvery white), Jade (jade green), Amethyst (royal purple), Tigers Eye (very dark brown) and Ocean (turquoise).
I tried on both the Tigers Eye and Amethyst. Tigers Eye was a great everyday color that went on easily and was smudgeable. As for Amethyst, I am recommending this shade to all you brown-eyed ladies out there!! Sorry, I tried finding a pic of the Crayon in Amethyst so you could see it but I could not find anything. Regardless, my friends loved the color on me and it really made my brown eyes pop.
So if you are looking for a great new eye pencil in something other than boring black, the Jemma Kidd Iridescent Eye Silk Crayon is a must have, especially in the Amethyst shade!!


  1. hey kohl girl...i recently stumbled onto your blog and love it. I have a question: you reviewed the jemma kid makeup school eyelines a while back...can you tell me how much they cost and where you can get them from?


  2. Hi Anon!

    You can buy the Jemma Kid eyeliners from Neiman Marcus online;jsessionid=AKNA0BD01ZUCMCQAAKTRADI?itemId=cat10890732&parentId=cat000294&masterId=cat4830738&ecid=NMSGDIJemma_Kidd.

    It retails for about $14.


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