Thursday, March 12, 2009

Q & A with Sebastian Hair Stylist Daniel de la Cerda

I imagine that one of the best things about being a model or actress is having access to the best hair stylists and makeup artists in the business at your fingertips. How amazing would it be to call up a beauty whiz when you have a bad hair day or an unsightly blemish?

While celebritydom just wasn't my destiny, I few weeks ago I had the chance to send my own urgent beauty questions on all my hairy issues straight to Daniel de la Cerda, member of the Sebastian Professional Stylist Team at Fall ’09 New York Fashion Week. Daniel worked on the Charlotte Ronson and Diego Binetti shows, to name a few, and below, spills the beans on how to replicate similar looks, some hot products from Sebastian and how to get your hair in shape.

Daniel is senior stylist at the Robert Jeffrey Salon in Chicago so if any of you are in town and need a hair overhaul, consider stopping by to see him!

Charlotte Ronson

Roop Cafe: I love the look at Charlotte Ronson but a major issue women face in putting hair up into sleek ponytails or updos are those pesky baby hairs and flyaways that make the hair look less than smooth. However, when I apply a shine serum or hairspray to the hair, it just gets greasy. What do you recommend?

Daniel de la Cerda: To get rid of pesky flyaways I'd recommend a few things. First, apply a small amount of Sebastian Professional Trilliant to dry hair and flat iron only what is going in the ponytail. Be sure to apply spray to even the shortest hairs around the hairline. Sebastian Professional Trilliant will protect against heat and enhance your hair’s shine factor. Then once the hair has been tied back, hold Sebastian Professional Shine Define hairspray about 6-8 inches away and apply for finishing touches. If you feel there is not enough shine, you can also use Sebastian Professional Halo Mist to finish.

RC: Without a doubt, within a few hours of putting my hair up in a ponytail or bun, it begins to loosen and unravel. What's the best way to make the style last for more for than a few hours?

DC: For a longer lasting ponytail and/or bun try the following. First, make sure to use a boar bristle brush on dry hair to help with a smoother finish. Again, pre-smoothing with a flat iron or flat brush can help. Sebastian Professional Shine Define hairspray can assist in the final stage as a finishing tool. It’s not greasy and will give you a flexible, brushable hold.

RC: Tell me about how the Trilliant Spray works. What makes it superior to other shine spray and thermal protectants?

DC: Sebastian Professional Trilliant is superior to others because of its technology. It has a three-part ratio that protects hair against heat while applying condition. It also provides light body to the hair and has amazing shine. It’s fabulous for retouches and great for blowouts and hot iron work. It’s a very versatile product!

Diego Binetti

RC: How did you curl the hair at the Diego Binetti show? Do you recommend using a small barrel iron or curlers?

DC: For the Diego Binetti show we first applied a liberal amount of Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte to damp hair and blow dried. Once dry, small sections of hair were curled around a small barrel curling iron. Sections (especially around the hairline) were over-directed for maximum lift and sprayed with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray. Once curled, the hair was let down and pushed back to create a messy look. We also changed the part of each model’s hair based on their individual faces. The hair was then tucked under and pinned to create a "bob effect" within the shape. Pieces were left a bit messy to create an ethereal affect and a more modern finish. Some asymmetry was used for added visual interest.

RC: I have pretty curly hair to start with. Let's say I just don't have time to blow dry out and then curl. Can I achieve a similar look starting with my natural texture and if so, how?

DC: To create a similar effect on naturally curly hair, simply apply a little Sebastian Professional Whipped Crème. This will define the curls and create separation. Do so on dry hair and push back the curls to create an interior cushion. Start to pin the hair for support and tuck the ends under. Finish with Sebastian Professional Re Shaper or Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray to finish the look and apply Sebastian Professional Halo Mist for soft shine.

General Questions:

RC: I'm in my late 20s and I've noticed a lot of hair fall recently as have my friends. What is the cause, how do we prevent additional hair fall and what do we do to stop current hair fall?

DC: Hair loss can come from a number of things. It can stem from genetics, which is generally called alopecia. If the hair is coming out excessively contact your local dermatologist. Stress can be a factor in losing hair as can the porosity and condition of the hair. Over-processed hair can become brittle and therefore break off.

RC: Imagine your model has a mass of thick, black curlyish hair that absorbs light like a black hole (this is me). What do I do to achieve shine on a daily basis with my natural texture without the grease?

DC: For some rocking curls with no grease follow these simple steps. Apply some Sebastian Professional Whipped Crème to damp hair and work the product around small sections first. Try to twist each section in different directions to create movement. Lay the curls down and be sure not to disrupt them. Follow up with a diffuser and dry the hair. Make sure not to run your fingers through the hair until hair is almost dry. Also, remember to lift the hair at the crown and around the hairline to create volume at the base. Once the hair is dry, start to separate the curls with your fingers and lift for fullness. If you feel you'd like more shine apply Sebastian Professional Halo Mist and Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray to hold.

Also, check out this video of Daniel at New York Fashion Week!


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