Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kareena Kapoor in Harper's Bazaar India March 2009

With Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Vogue creating Indian editions of their magazines, I suppose it was only a matter of time until Harper's Bazaar jumped on the bandwagon.

Kareena Kapoor graces the cover of the inaugural issue and an editorial shows Kareena and her significant other, Saif Ali Khan, lounging around the beaches of some paradise that I don't have the privilege of visiting.
Kareena's makeup was done just right in rosy pink tones and her complexion is flawless. I'm SO glad the makeup team on the ed didn't bronze the hell out of her.
And perhaps all the flowy white dresses in the ed are a hint of things to come for Kareena and Saif.



  1. Shes been doing soem amazing int'l looking photoshoots of late..and dresses better also..i guess lsoing weight has made her gain confidence

  2. Hi. She does look beautiful! wat do u think was used on the lip in the first and the last pic? I love both lipcolors!

  3. Anshu, for the lip color, I would try the MAC Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Popster. Its a lip balm but has quite a bit of pigment in it and would produce a similar, creamy coral pink look that doesn't look too lipsticky or lipglossy. For something a little glossier you can try MAC Cremesheen gloss in Partial to Pink which doesn't have any real shimmer. Hope that helps.

  4. Hi... She does look beautiful. As much as I want to think she's beautiful, I can't. I love both lipcolors!


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