Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hello Beauty Buffs!

I am so excited to be here! When my lil' sis asked me to be a part of her beauty blog, I was thrilled. In fact, when I first heard that she was writing in a beauty blog, I wasn't surprised...she has some amazing talents and her knowledge of beauty products over the years has far surpassed mine. Who would've thought?

Ever since my adventure into my Mom's makeup collection at eight years old, giving myself and friends a makeover has always been a fun hobby of mine. Over the years and now that I'm a Mama for a 15-month old baby boy, there are more important things for me to consider when purchasing my beauty products than just colors and trends. So hopefully, I'll bring a slightly different perspective to Roop Cafe by discussing more natural products that actually work or ones that don't have as many yucky toxins! Look forward to having you all read up and your comments:)


  1. Good job with the first post! hehe.

  2. Glam Mama...Im so excited to read your future posts! Can't wait to get some good solid feedback regarding products from someone in my shoes. :) - Reena


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