Friday, April 17, 2009

MAC Eye Shadow in Sushi Flower: My New Favorite Blush!!

Multi-tasking beauty products include lipstick that can be used for blush or hair conditioner that can used as shaving cream...but what about eyeshadow that can double as a blush??

Well, not always, but if your shadow is the right color and texture, by all means use it as a blush!

I discovered this fantastic used for shadow when I bought MAC Eye Shadow in Sushi Flower, a bright candy pink shadow, even though I rarely wear pinks on my eyes. Sushi Flower has been sitting in my makeup bag for ages and I finally realized that the candy pink would look gorgeous as a spring blush.

I tried it out and here are the results -

I love the result and can't wait to use it for the rest of the spring and summer. The Sushi Flower shadow itself a satin formulation so it goes on as a super smooth blush with very fine shimmmer.

Try it out yourself and let me know what you think! Brightly colored shadows in a range of pinks, corals and peaches will no doubt look beautiful. Make sure colored shadows are in a matte or satin formulation - definitely nothing too shimmery. Additionally, you can use a finely milled champagne or gold shadow as a cheek highlighter!


  1. I use Mac Paradisco as a blush. its stunning!

  2. that's pretty neat! looks great on you:) I use my Bobbi Brown Apricot blush as an eyeshadow sometimes..!

  3. Pretty blush ! I really like the lipstick you have on too ! The one shadow I always use as a highlighter is this shimmery white Revlon shadow. It just brightens my face up !

  4. Thanks ladies for your great ideas!

    Anshu - I can't wait to try Paradisco myself...terrific idea as it is really a beautiful color!

    Ranjani - I need to start using my blushes as shadows more as well! Sometimes I use NARS Sin blush as a nice rose shadow...maybe I'll do a post on that soon!

    Indian Girl - Thanks! I'm going to do a post on that lipstick soon - its one of my favorites right now! I'll have to try that Revlon white shadow trick as well!


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