Saturday, April 25, 2009

Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color

April 2009 has been a whirlwind for many changes which will definitely affect my life path - hopefully for the better. All through it, there is nothing like a great makeup product to pep me up on a down day!! And for this month, Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color definitely brightened up my days!

I was able to try several colors of the lip color - 28 Rose Rage (a rose pink), 52 Romp (an intense purple pink), 8 Sweet Tart (a candy pink) and 36 Ablaze (an intense coral). A swatch of 28 Rose Rage is pictured below. Reader and fellow blogger Indian Girl recently asked what lip color I was wearing in a recent post and Rose Rage is it. I love this color and have been using it frequently.

For someone that is used to the quality, texture and pigmentation of high end lipsticks, I was truly impressed with the Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Colors.


  • The texture of the lipsticks is smooth and easy to apply. Even when my lips were dry, there was zero flaking.
  • The pigmentation of the lipsticks were a definite plus of this line because they are well pigmented. The great advantage of this is that you get more for your moolah and you can apply it as light or heavy as you want depending on the look you are going for.
  • There is no need for a lipliner because the color does not bleed.
  • There is no awful artificial smell, one of things I hate about alot of drugstore lipsticks. There is no detectable scent at all.
  • The price is right! Each one retails for about $8. You may also be able to find a discount through your drugstore chain.


  • The only con I can think of is that the color on the lipstick case doesn't always match the actual color of the lip color. For example, the color on the case of 28 Rose Rage appears much more muted than the color on my lips.

I'll be doing another post with lips swatches of all the Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Colors that I tried, so look out for it!!


  1. Pretty Pretty ! I wouldn't have guessed it was Max Factor !

  2. that color is your perfect pink and looks great on you.

  3. Thanks, ladies, for the compliments!

    Indian Girl, I was surprised too!! Especially with the smell factor I mentioned - no plasticky smell!!


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