Monday, April 27, 2009

Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color Swatches

Here are my swatches for the four lipsticks I tried from the Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color line!! In the picture above, the lipsticks from left to right are 28 Rose Rage, 8 Sweet Tart, 36 Ablaze and 52 Romp.

52 Romp - Romp looks very purple in the case but its actual finish is an iridescent purply-pink. The color and the finish remind me of the '80s era but I still think the color is very pretty. This color would look best on dusky to darker toned ladies (for reference, think of the skin tone ranges of Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Joy Bryant and Iman). This color would be harder to wear for someone with a lot of yellow or green in their skin tone, such as South Asian and East Asian ladies with fairer tones or olive skinned Latinas (think of the skin tone ranges of Gong Li, Jennifer Lopez and Kareena Kapoor). If you can wear this color, though, it sure is an attention-getter!!

8 Sweet Tart - This is a creamy, slightly chalky, bright pink with a touch of coral. This was the least favorite of the lipsticks I tried because the chalkiness did not suit my skin tone. Sweet Tart would look best on fairer skin tones of all ethnicities (think Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Kim Kardashian).

36 Ablaze - Ablaze was one of my favorites of the four, next to Rose Rage. It is a tomato red (with a hint of orange) with a satin finish that makes it muy caliente for the summer!! I can't wait for a really warm day to wear this lip color with a sundress!! I actually applied to color below without lipliner and it did not bleed. This lip color is the most wearable for all skin tones as I believe it would look awesome on all skin tones from the fairest to the darkest. For reference, I probably have the approximately skin tone of Lara Dutta if we're thinking Bollywood or Alicia Keys if we're thinking Hollywood.

28 Rose Rage - Rose Rage is a creamy, light rose pink shade. It is another one of my favorites of the group and can be worn day or night, for a subtle or more loud look. For day, I dab it on and pop some pink lip gloss on top. For night, I apply it heavily for a bright pink look. It would also look good a range of skin tones although maybe slight less so than Ablaze. Very dark skin tones might find it a bit chalky but I think most women of color can pull it off.

Keep in mind that the Vivid Impact Lip Color line comes in different finishes that are not necessarily indicated on the case. For example, while 28 Rose Rage and 8 Sweet Tart are cream finishes, 52 Romp has an iridescent finish and 36 Ablaze has a more satin finish. I would use the testers at your local drugstore or Ulta to determine what color and finish suits you.


  1. Really useful post! Thanks! Could you please put up swatches of the Bobbi Brown Nautical collection that's just come out. The products are really sheer and I am clueless about how they would look on desi skin.

  2. Hi Divya -

    Sure, I will do a review of the BB Nauticals collection soon!

  3. The colours look great. I was just thinking of getting a pinkish sort of lipstick. Just wondering how did you get your upper lip to have the same colour has your bottom one? I have that problem all the time, I apply a bit of foundation to my top lip but it doesn't work quite well for me.

  4. Thanks Sweets! About the different colored top lip and bottom lip, my lips are not too different from one another so I don't apply anything underneath but I do have friends with this issue.

    What kind of foundation do use? Liquid foundation might slip off so you may want to try a thicker, cakey cream foundation or concealer that stays put.

    Also, have you tried MAC Lip Erase?? It is meant to completely cover your natural lip color so that the actual color of the lip product comes through. I will try doing a review of it soon.


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