Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Steal the Look: America Ferrera's Makeup at Gotham Magazine Issue Launch

At the latest Gotham magazine issue launch, on which America Ferrera is on the cover, the Ugly Betty actress looked amazing with raspberry colored lips, long black lashes and highlighted cheeks. Makeup artist Linda Hay did America's face. Reader A.J. asked us to do a breakdown of America's makeup, so here it is!!

How to get America's look:

Eyes: Apply a shimmery champagne shadow such as Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in Gold Dust all over the eyelids. Concentrate some of the same shadow in the inner corner of the eyes to really make eyes pop. Apply a black liner such as Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink to the upper lash line, making the liner thicker as you approach the outer corners of the eyes. Apply a white eye liner such as Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Pencil in Pure White to the lower waterline of the eyes. Generously apply black mascara to the upper lashes.

Cheeks: Apply a pink cream blush such as Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pink Raspberry to the cheekbones. Apply a shimmery highlighting blush on top of cheekbones such as Bobbi Brown Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick. It looks like Linda Hay also applied a little blush to America's temples as well which helps to slim down the face.

Lips: Line lips with a pink liner such as Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Ballet Pink. Apply Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss in Ruby Sugar (this is the actual gloss color used - can't wait to try it, it looks amazing on her!).

Photo courtesy of Justjared.com


  1. Love the bolder mouth..she pulls it off well. I'm checking out this lippie tomorrow, not that I need an excuse to linger at Bobbi Brown!

  2. Thanks so much!!
    You are awesome!

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  5. Ranjani - let me know what you think of that lip gloss! And send in a pic if you want!! I bet it would look great on you : )

    A.J - you are welcome!

  6. I just got Ruby Sugar- and I love it! Thanks for the cool recc. I still need to get used to wearing such a bold color so I'll ease into it by wearing it only in the evening. I'll send you a pic soon if you'd like:)

  7. Hey Ranjani - Yes, yes!!! Send me a picture and I'll post it!! I actually don't know when I'm going to make it to the BB counter to test it out myself so you should send me your pic.

    I know, the whole bold lip thing was hard for me too...I would put it on and then wipe it off b/c I thought I looked like a clown. But now I'm used to it!

    Btw, I just saw your message on twitter but I'm a new user so I don't know how to do those @ replies to people...hope everything is okay!!


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