Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lakshmi Menon in Spring Hermes Ads

Looks like one desi model is ready to take on the western modeling world...Indian-born Lakshmi Menon is the face of the Spring 2008 Hermes advertisements. The ads are regal and colorful, with hints of the upcoming Holi holiday from the use of colors as well as colonial India via the nehru jackets and jodhpurs Lakshmi wears in the ads.

In addition to these spring ads, Lakshmi walked in the Spring 2008 Hermes and Jean Paul Gaultier shows.
Lakshmi is a well-known model in India already, who has appeared in numerous Swatch ads (below) and graced the cover of the first Vogue India issue. Let's hope we see more of her in the U.S. and Europe!

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  1. She's a great model in her own right; we Indians should stop nurturing the idea that we've made it only when featured in Western ads.
    I'm also disgusted by the fact that they used the poor elephants in their ads - first because animals should not be used for commercial purposes and second because it still conveys the old-fashioned notion that India is still an old world of elephants, monkeys and flying carpets.

  2. Hi bollywood!
    I think you're right, Lakshmi is already a great model. I think a lot of Indians though, including myself, want and NEED to see more desi female models in the U.S. and European scene. As beautiful as they are, desi women in the U.S. can't always relate to Caucasian models that represent cosmetics lines, etc. I would love to see Lakshmi as a rep of say, Estee Lauder, like Liya Kebede or YSL, like Ujjwala a few years ago!

  3. She is stunning! I love how she retains a distinct desi look - dark hair, skin, etc. And I love the makeup look in that last pretty without being all tarted up. Just simple and elegant. I agree with the first poster. That stereotypical Orientalist approach is so tired.


  4. she's gorgeous. one of my favourite desi models (other than the stunning vidisha). yay for desi models making it big


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