Monday, February 18, 2008

MAC Fafi Collection

MAC's Fafi Collection, named after the French grafitti artist, Fafi, is here!! The colors bright and wild, perfect to lift your spirits out of the winter doldrums. Read below for all the colors and the BEST colors for brown ladies!

The Fafi Collection consists of:

1. Fun ‘n’ Sexy - blue pink with blue pearl (glaze)
2. Not So Innocent - sheer tan with pink and peach pearl (glaze)
3. Utterly Frivolous - rosy coral with pink pearl (lustre)
4. High Top - grey purple with blue pearl (glaze)
5. Flash-n-Dash - intense tangerine red with pink pearl (glaze)
6. Strawbaby - coral rose with rainbow pearl (lustre)

1. Cult Fave - blue mid-tone pink with white pearl (frost)
2. Sugar Trance - creamy soft pink with white and rainbow pearl (frost)
3. Squeeze It - brassy plum (frost)
4. Totally It - sheer bright pink with intense pink pearl (frost)
1. Fafi Eyes 1 - Howzat (Deep grey with silver sparkle (satin)), Hey (Neutral tan with white pearl (veluxe pearl)), Pink Venus (Washed pink (lustre)), Vanilla (Soft pale-peachy-ivory flecked with shimmer (velvet))
2. Fafi Eyes 2 - Bold as Gold (Yellow gold with gold pearl (lustre)), You’re Fresh (Pale green with silver sparkle (lustre)), Shockwave (Intense orange with silver sparkle (velvet)), Prankster (Muted dark blue (satin))
1. Hipness - Intense coral with soft white pearl
2. Fashion Frenzy - mid-tone blue pink

1. Nice Vice - Dirty purple with purple pearl (frost)
2. Girl Friendly - Creamy grey pink (cream)
3. Layin’ Low - Creamy beige (cream)
4. Cash Flow - Green gold with gold pearl (frost)
5. Perky - Cream coral with white pearl (satin)
6. Rollickin’ - Aqua blue green with white pearl (frost)

1. Sassed-up - Soft coral pink with gold sparkle
2. Verve-acaious - Intense yellow gold with gold pearl
3. Belightful - Gilded peach bronze

1. Girls Will Be Girls - Pink with coral pearl
2. Boom! - Rich eggplant with purple pearl


The best lip colors were the Strawbaby (love this one!!) and Utterly Frivolous lipsticks. They look beautiful against tan skin and I posted a picture of myself (or my lips) above wearing Strawbaby this weekend! The best lipglass was Cult Fave...the rest were too light or bright for my skin. I didn't love the eyeshadow palettes but Fafi Eyes 1 is definitely the most wearable of the two and has everything you need for a smokey eye. Of the paint pots, I liked Nice Vice the most, and the rest of the pots didn't show up well on my skin. Similarly, I would skip the nail lacquers...way too expensive. Both the powder blushes, Hipness and Fashion Frenzy, are super bright in the pan but go on very sheer and are great for building depending on your skin tone. Saving the best for last, you can't go wrong with any of the the iridescent powders...Sassed-up, Verve-acious and Belightful go on sheer and sparkly so you have to like a little shimmer. I couldn't resist and walked away with Sassed-up, a peachy pink with sparkle.


  1. I didn't like the quads at all, I got all the paint pots, lipsticks, and blushes, Pressed powders. <3<3<3 For ref I am an NC20

  2. Strawbaby looks gorgeous, I want to go try this for myself.

    I love that MAC Mahogany and Plum are so in on the runways, these are my favorite pencils from MAC.


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