Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cover Girl Perfect Blend Eye Liner

I generally like switching from black eye pencils to dark brown in warmer months so I can have definition around the eyes without a harsh look. I decided to bust out my MAC addiction and explore the eye pencil offerings of some drugstore brands. I have tried L'Oreal's Le Grand Kohl before, which I know and love, but seeing as Cover Girl is making a mark these days with its Lip Stains and other products developed by Pat McGrath, I thought I'd see what CG had to offer.

I picked up the Cover Girl Perfect Blend Eye Liner in Black Brown, a dark chocolately brown. On one side of the pencil is the actual color and on the other side is a sponge tip for blending. The pencil goes on very smoothly with little dragging. The color is perfect and no matter how much I layer on, my eyes don't look harsh or tired. The sponge tip is awesome if you apply liner less than precisely as you can just use the tip to soften the line and straighten it out.

The one downside is durability - perhaps because of the smooth texture, the color tends to fade away after a couple of hours so I tend to reapply if I wear the CG Liner to work and need to go to an after work event.

  • Soft texture makes for smooth application
  • Sponge tip including for blending
  • Cheapo eye pencil at around $5, great for the girl that runs out of eye pencils practically every month (me!)!


  • Gets slightly smudgy after a while (similar to MAC Eye Kohls, in fact)
  • Only lasts a couple of hours


  1. Hello girl!

    You have put up a wonderful website here. I have been looking for a place to start learning and exploring the make up. I am a makeup virgin. But I really want to start doing make up personally. How did you start learning makeup? Do you have advice/suggestions for me. Please reply!

  2. Hey Jyo!!

    Thanks for the sweet message. Well, I just started learning about makeup by practicing on myself and anyone else that would let me (including my sister and friends)!! Practice is really the key. In terms of technique, I picked up tips from reading magazine articles and studying photos. I'd also recommend checking out some books on makeup from the library such as the ones by Kevyn Aucoin and Iman. They are excellent for reading about the process of makeup!!

    I know my makeup didn't always look perfect but just keep practicing!! Good luck!


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