Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss in Rose Sugar

Did you ladies get anything from the online Bobbi Brown sale last week?! One of the things I picked up was the Shimmer Lip Gloss in Rose Sugar.

Rose Sugar is a super, super shiny gloss in a sheer silvery pink tone. The shimmer is fine so you don't have to worry that your lips resemble a disco ball. As for the color, the website describes Rose Sugar as a rosy pink but to me, it comes out mostly clear with a hint of color. It probably looks a little more rosy on fairer skin tones.

I have mixed views on the lip gloss. On the one hand, I heart how super shiny the gloss is. I can practically see my reflection when I put it on!! I do, however, wish the color was a teeny more pigmented, more pink and then I'd be sold. And the one thing that annoys me about the gloss is how sticky it is - living in the Windy City, I can't walk more than a block with half my hair sticking to my lips!!

Here's a lip swatch - what do ya think?


  • Super shiny
  • Nice, neutral shade for summer
  • Tackiness helps the gloss stay on longer than most glosses
  • Sophisticated shimmer


  • Tiny tube compared to a lot of other department store lip glosses
  • Not much pigmentation compared to lip glosses by MAC or Dior
  • Really tacky gloss - my hair kept sticking to my lips!!
  • Not a steal at $20


  1. Haha I have the same problem with the wind it's like I can never wear lipgloss. Ya it'd be nicer more pink.

  2. You can kiss kissing goodbye with sticky gloss, that's all I have to say! haha

  3. great swatch! I'm having a lip swatch competition on This pic would be perfect!


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