Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Steal the Look: Lara Dutta at the 2009 IIFA Awards

Lara Dutta doesn't often get accolades for her acting ability but when it comes to fashion and beauty, the star usually gets it right. For the IIFA awards, Dutta combined shimmery gray eyes with mauvey pink lips and cheeks.

To get the look:

Eyes: Apply a shimmery gray shadow such MAC Eye Shadow in Silverthorn all over the lids up until the crease. Apply a black pencil liner such as Clinique Kohl Shaper in Black Kohl into the top and bottom lashes. Finish with black mascara.

Cheeks: Apply a mauve pink blush such as MAC Blush in Breath of Plum to the cheekbones. Apply a shimmery highlighter such Benefit High Beam to the tops of the cheekbones for a bit of sparkle.

Lips: Apply a shimmery mauve pink lip gloss such as MAC Cosmetics Lustreglass in Star Nova to the lips.


  1. ever since you mentioned that you would be putting up Lara's look, I have been eagerly awaiting this post! so THANKS!! :)

  2. I love this look, simple, easy to wear on several occasions ! The only problem I have is with the blush. I personally think it is way too light for her skin tone and looks a chalky. That lipcolor is to die for !

  3. I love Lara's hair that short, looks adorable on her! :)

    As for her mauve-y lips, I'm a big fan of MAC Lustre in Syrup. Looks great on Indian skin tones.

    Also, I just started a new blog (along side my design blog) which will eventually have posts on fashion/make-up/etc. I think the posts on there would be up your alley, & I'll most likely link back to a few of your make up tips here and there. :)

  4. Dalia - Glad you were interested in the post! We don't see enought of Lara these days!

    IG - Yeah, I agree - while the blush isn't bad by any means, she could have gone for something a little more suited to her skin tone.

    Archana - can't wait to see the new blog! Also, I'm going to have to try out Syrup next time I hit the MAC counter!


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