Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steal the Look: Bipasha Basu at the 2009 IIFA Awards

I don't have satellite TV so I didn't get to catch the 2009 IIFA Awards this past weekend...from the still photos, though, it appears there was plenty of glamour, fashion, dancing and other Bollywood flashiness going on!!

First up, Bipasha Basu looks gorgeous as usual with a contoured cat eye and coral peach lips. I didn't love her blue outfit but this isn't a fashion blog, now is it? So let's continue with the breakdown!

To get the look:

Eyes: Apply a shimmery champagne shadow such MAC Eye Shadow in Femmi Fi from lashes to the browbones. Apply a matte brown shadow such as MAC Eye Shadow in Cork in the crease from inner corner to outer corner. Apply a thick black liner such as Benefit Bad Gal Eye Liner on both top lashes and bottom lashes (including the lower waterline). Using a stiff liner brush, run the brush along the black liner to straighten out the line and flick up the color at the outer corners. Finish with black mascara.

Cheeks and Face: Apply a peachy nude blush such as MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul to contour the cheekbones. Apply a gold powder highlighter such as MAC High-Light Powder in Golden Nectar on top of the cheekbones and blend with the blush. This is a very matte look so be sure to finish your face with a loose matte face powder.

Lips: Line lips with a nude toned liner such as MAC Lip Pencil in Oak. Fill in lips with a peachy coral lip gloss such as MAC Lip Glass in Lychee Luxe.

I saw this Getty photo of Bipasha and had to post it. Doesn't she look pretty in it? Stay tuned for breakdowns for Priyanka, Ash and Mughda!!

Photos via Santabanta and Getty Images


  1. I love that peachy-coral look. :) And her hair looks fabulous, it's nice seeing it up versus the usual voluminous waves.

    Btw, have you ventured into trying MAC's Style Warrior line? Just curious, cause some of their shades look pretty compatible with dusky/brown/darker skin tones. I kinda want to go check out their 'Sunsational' Style Warrior lipstick.

  2. Oh she's georgous ! I love her cat eyes and her cheeks.
    Can I use Nars blush Orgasm instead of Warm Soul ? :)

    Thanks a lot for all your tips ! That help me a lot !! and sorry for my bad english...I'm french :)

  3. Hmm. I must be missing something because her eyes remind me of the post you did about Kareena Kapoor's eyes going postal. To me, it's the same idea. Way too much of a good thing.

  4. Hi Archana! I actually haven't tried the Style Warrior line yet but I've heard good things about it. I think Sunsational is a nude gold lip color - I'm sure it would look really pretty against dark skin although subtle. I actually really want to try Purple Rite lipstick b/c I love purply lips!

    You're welcome, Celie! I think if NARS Orgasm shows up on your skin tone, you can definitely sub it for Warm Soul - it will be more peach and less bronze but that's ok. Orgasm doesn't show up at all on my skin tone though.

  5. Wow thanks so much for the break down- I'm so glad I found your blog... :)

  6. This is a great breakdown, thanks for posting! is Mac Golden Nectar like Nars albatross? I'm obsessed with Albatross..!!

  7. Question: Do you think these women bleach their faces..i mean you barely see hair! ...
    Perhaps you could do a post discussing the various options out there because aside from waxing my brows..I'm clueless!

    p.s. Luv your blog!

  8. So I went down to MAC today and picked up a few Style Warrior goodies! :) I initially thought I'd like the Sunsational Lipstick, but it was a little too orange-y for my liking. I opted to get the 'Brave New Bronze' and then top it off with the 'Gold Rebel' Lipglass. Which just looks fantabulous on brown skin. :)

    Also got the Eversun blush, which is a gorgeous orange/peach. As for the purple you mentioned, it is a very gorgeous shade!

  9. Hi Laura - Thanks for the nice compliment - glad you stopped by!

    Ranjani - Albatross is more of a white or very light champagne shade whereas the MAC highlighter is more gold - there would definitely be nothing wrong with using Albatross though!!

    Mara - I will do a post on facial hair removal soon. I'm not so sure that they bleach their facial hair - my guess would be that they actually wax or thread all the hair off. I think the latter is a better option b/c when you bleach the hair you can still sometimes see it in the light!

    Archana - Ooooh! Glad you got to do a little experimenting with Style Warriors! I didn't get a chance to go shopping this weekend. Send in pics - I'm curious!


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