Thursday, February 5, 2009

Death to the Pale Pink Lip Trend

In a perfect world, cosmetic companies would be required to stick a warning tag on Pale Pink Lipsticks that read - "only meant for the likes of extremely pale supermodels named Twiggy."

I'm into makeup trends and all and while extremely chalky pink lips can work at times (for Halloween), more often than not, give it a pass. Even gorgeous celebrities can't make it work!

Its a toss up for Drew Barrymore, whose skintone is more suited for the color but still, she looks a little sickly. As for Salma, you can see for yourself that warm, yellow toned skin with extremely cool pink lips isn't fashionable, its a beauty faux pas!


  1. I love the pale pink lip on Drew, however I don't hate it that much on Salma, I just wish that she opted for a glossier lip.

  2. I agree NIsh! A gloss would have added a lot more dimension...I also wish she had gone for a warmer toned pink rather than such a cool tone!


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