Saturday, February 21, 2009

New York Fashion Week '09: Nanette Lepore

At Nanette Lepore, a bohemian vibe was felt in the makeup and hair. "The inspiration was a traveler, wearing lots of layers of clothes — and a lot of gold makeup," said makeup artist Polly Osmond for MAC Cosmetics.

Osmond applied MAC Brassy Fluid Line Eye Liner on eyelids and under the eye before adding the MAC Rose Gold Pigment over the top of lids. For depth, she lined the inner rims of eyes with MAC Power Surge Eye Kohl Pencil in a coffee color. Osmond gave cheeks a berry stain with gold shimmer on top, and to lips, she applied MAC Diva Lipstick topped with MAC Brassy Fluid Line, which was painted on top. Eye liner on lips?! Who would have thought?!

MAC Products used:
Studio Sculpt Concealer – Spread on lids to even out skin tone.
Coffee Eye Pencil – Applied to the top and bottom lashline.
Powersurge Eye Kohl – Applied to the inner rim of the eye to open up the eye.
Brassy Fluidline – Applied to eyelid and under eye to create a smoky look.
Rose Gold Pigment – Applied on eyelids and under eye.
Plushblack Plushlash Mascara – Applied to the top and bottom lashes to separate and elongate lashes.
Lingering Eye Brows – Applied to eyebrows to create fullness.
Face & Body Foundation – Applied to face as a sheer base.
Laid Back Blushcreme – Applied to apples of cheeks to give a rosy glow.
Antique Rose Cream Colour Base – Applied over Blushcreme to create a highlighted effect.
Invisible Set Powder – Applied to the t-zone to mattify.
Diva Lipstick – blotted onto lips with finger to create a stained look.
Brassy Fluidline – Applied to the center of lips.
Hair stylist Leonardo Manetti applied Davines Texturizer and Volume Mousse and then blew out hair. Next, he used an iron to create random waives and then teased hair everywhere to give it volume. Once hair was teased, Manetti brushed out hair, creating a rough middle part.

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  1. Her hair is awesome. I love the length and volume!

    Sometimes these styles are easier said than done. Salon Hive has super helpful videos:

    I've also found some great shears (For keeping those locks looking their best):


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